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, .../ the... rest of the ravens crew.... fired up for thh game. game. & 3 purpleepride... was... radiating...ttday.. p during a... &p"bbsh the broncos" rally... -3&pat... m&t bank in white mmrsh...//. fans... were ...joined by the ravens cheerleadees... and the mascot... to 3& post season run. 3 "iq: m&t bank staddum ii one of the hardest places.. oq: -3 all he way to thee uperbowl -33 this yeaa." 3 there was also tons of free & ravens gear... and raffle of 3&ppsssoon as the ggme against the colts as over on - ssnday... the ravens sst heir siihts on the broncos. bronccs.buu at least one plaaer on indianapolis woo't let baltimore ove on that easily. easiiy.spprtssdirector bruce cunningham joins us with the harsh words the colts star receevvr had for the heart and soul of the ravens... brucee?-& 3 it was one of the signatuuee &pmomentssii a day filled withh them...ray lewis coming ouu the playoff win over the colts...and that didn't sit - well with at leasttone of - them... 3 ray b
-tv 11 news. >> it is destination denver for the baltimore ravens as they prepare for the playoffs saturday afternoon. it will be a cold one. steve gilbert will travel the road to colorado. >> i have to go home tonight and get ready. they say might hit 20 degrees on saturday. it is going to be chile indeed. no arguing the size of the challenge to face the broncos. -- it is going to be chilly indeed. it is the task they face. they do not have a choice in regards to it. the music blaring at of noxious levels. one thing for which they cannot prepare is the elevation change. the thin air of denver that no one else in the league can match. the broncos also run a fast- paced offense. ravens defensive coordinator says yes. >> i have never really bought into the altitude thing to be honest with you. maybe it is because i had a professor in college who says when these guys sit on the masksines and put oxygen - on, it is placebo. there is nothing. unless you are really at an altitude of climbing a mountain and your way up there, it really is more in your head than anything else. that is wha
/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> the anticipation continues to build as the ravens prepared to move one step closer to new orleans. >> they are getting ready for some bone chilling temperatures in denver as the team takes on paid manning and the broncos. skeet -- stevpete gilbert joins us now. >> that is certainly the end goal. have to get through the top seat overall, the denver broncos' first. they're the no. 1 seed overall. they have won 11 in a row. they're a very good team, but when you compare the amount of playoff experience, the refunavs have so much more. >> the line makes sense. the ravens should be a nine point underdog. just four weeks ago denver trounced the ravens in baltimore. they had peyton manning. >> they already have denver and new england often for the championship game. that is fine. everyone will put money on that. i think i saw on the tv we were - 9. what ever. that is fine. you did not win games with the media or on paper. >> i am sure they feel the same way. i would not pay too much attention to that and what other people are saying. we're just focusing on ourselves
for abc2 news. >>> all right. the ravens were hard at work preparing to face denver. when you think of the broncos, you think about stopping peyton manning. >> they are a challenge. we have to get ourselves in position to execute and spread the ball around. we can't become one dimensional. they have great pass rushers. they lead the league in sacks. we have to be good in every single area. >> one of those areas is skiing ray lewis going. a win over the broncos and they will advance to the afc championship. >>> the game in denver kicks off at 4:30 and ray lewis' reach, he is knee p-even inspiring the spca. they will be offering discounted adoptions in honor of rai. the price for all large dogs will be reduced from $125 to $52 and the shelter will be decked out in purr pel. >> that's cool. >>> all right. we will be with you on purple friday as everybody gears up. join us for a one-hour ravens special, destination denver. ill be bringing you -- i'll be bringing you live reports from denver. it all starts on abc2 news at 7:00. >>> after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, people bega
the place is because there was a baltimore ravens player. he came out in support of marriage equality. letting the gays marry, okay. a maryland state delegate who opposed gay marriage wrote a letter to the ravens owner asking the mer be silenced. you then wrote a letter, kind of on op-ed letter to deadspin. >> mm-hmm. >> stephen: why would you support gay marriage? you are in the most hyper masculine support in the world thank is true. >> stephen: football players are a thousand miles from gay. >> you would be surprised. >> stephen: no, no, men in tight pants patting each other on the butt nothing gay about that. get that butt out of my face. get it out of there. so angry. get that butt out of here! [ laughter ] why, what led you to do this? >> because i felt. first off i believe would you identify with this. >> stephen: i do not identify with anything. >> okay. the reason i wrote the letter because as an elected official delegate burns does not have the right to stifle free speesm that's the first amendment. when he wrote the letter saying stifle this man as free speech it irked me a
letter in response to the maryland politician who requested that the ravens player who supported gay marriage and gay people be quiet. there's a letter that a marin politician send to a ravens guy, linebacker, huge guy, saying please muzzle your player. it was written on his stationary, his official stationary. so what happened tt punter for the vikings wrote a scathing, horribly scathing like only a fipbl-year-old super smart kid could be so scathing, wrote an open letter that was bordering on really not appropriate, about this and about constitutional rights and not only about supporting people and giving them dignity for whoever they were, but also about freedom of expression. now, you want to get boys to talk about equality in a classroom? you start from a letter that a vikings punter sent. that's where we also get into u.s. history and this is where we get into core rur can urriculum. this is about freedom of speech, it makes it relevant, it goes right into something that kids are already seen on espn so they are already primed to talk about it. that's the kind of stuff i
for 11 teams and missing a crucial kick for the ravens in the afc championship last year asked today if trying out for the niners is a tough task? cundiff mcclain busted tinted >> also, he gave a another name and a halt in off to jail. if you can believe that he is not going to come back and away. but this violation, and lying to. espn apologized. >> to use seat that lovely lady. these quarterbacks get the great looking ladies what a beautiful woman he must be doing some great things. >> alabama. their quarterback. she had 100,000 followers and now his girlfriend is a mess alabama now has 400 but now after the game she has 140,000 and counting. and jacqueline looks hot tonight. now that is bad. [laughter] [laughter] there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep num
to make us feel better. >> what stinks is i'm going to denver this weekend for the ravens game where it's going to be 20 degrees, and i'm missing a beautiful weekend. >> you are, but football is on the brain. >> robert griffin iii is out, resting, but how is the rookie really feeling? word from him coming up. >>> plus, another positive step towards ending the nhl lockout for g. sports is next. >>> we expected the worst but hoped for the best. ahead of today's surgery the extent of damage to robert griffin iii's knee wasn't fully known. dr. andrews discovered damage not only to the lcl but to his already once repaired acl. the good news is they weren't complete tears. the other good news is the recovery time. six to eight months, better than the 12 months we originally expected. both dr. andrews and griffin expect the rookie to be back on the field in 20 136789 griffin made that clear this morning despite the injury and the impending surgery he's been in remarkably good spimplets he tweeted, thank you for your prayers and support. i love god, my family, the team, the fans and i love this
seeminglyytopped the club in it's tracks..the ravens emerged angry, and a little those ffelings into denner. 3 33& elsewhere...redskins quarterback robert griffin the 3rd u nderwent surgery todaytoo reeair the clk and lcl in his knne...he's expected to emain was perrormmd,for the forseeasble furture...his reeab will be lengthy, but all involved are hopingghe'll be back in timefor ext seasonn.. & 3 for tteefirst time ince 1996, there will be no induction class to baseball's -3 hall of famm..barry bonds, rogerr leeens and sammy ossa allof whom are linkeddto performance enhancingdrugs, were ll eligible for the biggio came the losest, but still elllshort offbeing named on 75 % of the ballots. 3 the terps ut thhir 13 game & winning streak on the line toniihhagainnt florida ssate.. highliggts and morgan adssi - tonight aa 11:50 and 11:200on sports unlimited 3 --toss tt vytas-- 3 &33 3 one... ,3 one... of... the fastest ....uuik's cube playyrs... in the world... is... a... 5th graderr ggader.---rubiks cube nats--- nats--- 3 max ii 10 years old... but
and beyond. that's straight ahead. >>> less than 72 hours from now the ravens will be on the field in denver, hopefully with a few touchdowns already. >> before they take on the broncos in mile high, in the words of vanessa williams, there's work to do. they're trying to find the right formula to shut down peyton manning and get ray rice up the middle. >> the compliment has worked well for us. ray, obviously, can run inside, outside, make you miss that low center gravity. he can catch the ball out of the back field, which is great. bernard can get north and punch holes in the defense. >> all right. the players will all be heading out to denver coming up friday. >> guess what? we're heading to denver too. we will be live in whitemarsh. jamie will be live from denver. friday night we'll have team coverage from denver and a one-our special it. starts one-our -- one-hour special. it starts at 7:00. >> i've never seen so many socks in a bag. >>> a winter without snow and a summer with no days under 100 degrees. >>> dozens of people trying to get to work, thrown down to the deck of a ferry. how fa
. raven dixon is accused of the murder of robby inside the mansion. she's charged with prostitution, furnishing a controlled substance and being an accessory in the death. prosecutors have not revealed how she is connected to the other three suspects all charged with murder. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we have a much cooler day ahead. temperatures are going to drop off by 10 to 15 degrees. 56 degrees for livermore. 56 in gilroy and 57 degrees right here in san jose. a chance for snow showers as we meet back here tomorrow morning. part of the potent winter storm system. it's going to bring us a lot of cold air. so it progresses tonight throughout tomorrow morning and may see snow. the best chance for that is at the coastline, potential for some snow in san francisco. highs today are going to be cool. even cooler for tomorrow. let's check your drive with mike. >> over here, this is where it might slow, south bay in parts because of the lower clouds and fog kicking in. the lighter traffic is now kicking in. it's not playing a fa
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)